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One Minute Star Wars Fanfilm Contest
(Jan 1, 2005)


From 11/14/2004 to 1/1/2005.


  • All entries had to be Star Wars fanfilms. (They were STRONGLY encouraged to be actually set in the Star Wars universe, rather than say... your backyard.)
  • All entries had to be, at most, one minute long. (This did not include 30 seconds for a crawl and 30 seconds for end credits. So overall, the films could be no more than 2:00 full run time.)
  • As this was a Star Wars film contest, entries were modeled after the real Star Wars films. Language used in them was okay, as was violence. Nudity was not permitted.
    All entries had to be original works created for this contest.


The films were not required to have a full plot. The contestants just pretended to be making a full length film and then used the best, most intense one minute section. The writing itself did matter, however. This included dialogue, etc.

The entries were be judged in two catergories: Likeness to the actual Star Wars films and Overall Quality.
All entries were expected to be original, and no lightsaber fight only clips were allowed.


The winner received the title of 1-Minute Star Wars Film Contest Winner.
ALL entrants received a DVD copy of all the films.


Recon Squadron - JustinZ
Download (17 MB)

Eyes of the Force - djr33
Download (12 MB)

Clone Patrol - CramerBH
Download (1.3 MB)


Voting began on 1/4/2005 to decide a winner.

And the winner of the second filmmaking contest at The Big Red Button was JustinZ.