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90 Hour Film Competition
(Jul 30, 2005)

90 Hour Film Contest


With all of the entries turned in, the vote began and ended just over a week later. You may view the poll HERE.

Virtual Reality? - Ell the ewok
Download (25mb, 6:54, QT)

Journey to the Land of the Shimmyshabawawas - Fig
Download (14:31, 27mb, WMV)

The Adventures of Squid and Non-Robot - Mrdodobird, FrogRat, NickKennedy88
Download (11.5min, 40mb, QT)

The Embers - KIRADOR
Download (13:14, 44mb, QT)

The Secret of Life - lilyofshallot
Download (17mb, QT)

Hit Me - djr33
Download (4:22, 20mb, QT)
Updated Version can be downloaded here, at theBRB theater.

***Censored*** - JohnMoore
Download (4:11, 16mb, WMV)


From Noon PST (3 EST) on Thursday the 28th to Midnight PST on Sunday the 30th (PST/ 3am EST).


  • All films must be created during the allotted 90 hour timeframe.
  • You are free to get a team together now or begin preparations and planning.
  • The content must be generally PG13. If you plan on going over that, ask. Don't make us have to disqualify you for content... ask ahead.


Films may be of any style, etc.
However, at least 2 of the following lines must be included in the film to prove you didn't start early...

1. I know youre here, there is no need to run!

2. Now what did you say your name was again?

3. Just who in the hell do you think you are?

4. Power, everyone craves it yet no one can really handle it.

5. No longer will I fall victim to your lies, to your reckless ways!

6. Honestly, Im so tired of hearing that.

7. Change the station please, not everyone likes to hear crap.

8. What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?!

9. Hey..HEY!! Have any of you guys seen my shoe?!

10. Awww come on! You walked right into that one..idiot!


The prize for first place was $100, thanks to Darth_Brad and JohnMoore.

For more information on the 90 Day Film Contest please visit the OFFICIAL THREAD over at theBRB Forums.


The results from the poll are below:
"Hit Me"djr3312 votes33.33%
"The Embers"KIRADOR6 votes16.67%
"Journey to the Land of the
fig2 votes5.56%
"The Adventures of Squid
and Non-Robot"
Mrdodobird, FrogRat,
and NickKennedy88
2 votes5.56%
" ***Censored*** "JohnMoore2 votes5.56%
"The Secret of Life"lilyofshallot1 vote2.78%
Disqualified (ballot stuffing):
"Virtual Reality?"
Ell the Ewok11 votes30.56%

The winning entry was "Hit Me" by djr33. Congratulations.
The film had some audio errors and was updated.
The updated version was accepted to theBRB theater and can be downloaded here.