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Music Video Contest
(Oct 17, 2005)


  • Contest runs from Monday October 10th through Monday October 17th.
  • All entries due at or before 11:59PM at the end of 17th.
  • Entries must have a music track for the audio. You may add your own sound fx and/or voice if desired. While we don't stop you from doing anything to the music itself, please leave it as close to its original form as possible.
  • We strongly reccommend that you film the video track's contents yourself.
  • Please work out your credits so that they don't distract from the flow of the project.
  • Use any song you wish.


Create a music video that fits the mood, words, etc. of a song of your choice. You may choose to make a "band" playing the song or just have a vocalist. For the more creative entrants, you need not sing/play the song but only edit something to the flow of the music. It is entirely up to you.


Please view the Discussion Thread at theBRB forums for more information or to discuss this contest.